Elizabeth Barthel

jewelry My designs are created with natural colored gemstones and sterling silver. The “bubble” pendant and ring are inspired by a canoe trip down the Harpeth River. The circular cutouts represent water.

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Patti Zieche

jewelry I mainly Wirewrap, since Covid I have been busy working with new techniques and having fun, sheet metal and wire are fun to create wearable art

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A. Denise Rollings-Martin

jewelry Self-taught, I hammer and form Sterling, Fine Silver and 18KGold to adorn natural gemstones, fossils and pearls. My design starts with the lapidary of the gemstone, then, the metal compliments.

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Becky Christian

jewelry We mastered our trade through years of individual apprenticeship with master craftsman. All of our pieces are handed-cast in fine Crown Pewter, one of the six noble metals: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Co

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Mark Slaven

jewelry I create fused Dichroic glass jewelry using my own color creation and design. Sterling bezel/wire. Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Sterling, Aluminum/glass necklaces with original color and design.

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Kathleen Clausen

jewelry Pics show new line, "Woman Strong, Woman Wise" honoring influential women past & present, made of silver metal clay. Designs created, made into photopolymer plates, marked clay, cut, fired & finished.

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Ansley Larsson

jewelry I make jewelry out of goose eggshells. They are coated on both sides with resin, so they are not fragile. I use wax resist & dye to put the designs on the eggs before I cut them out and make jewelry.

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Brigid Oesterling

jewelry I create one of a kind work using a torch and hand tools. I manipulate raw materials; Silver or Brass sheet and wire to create unique jewelry that incorporates natural stones, and elements of movement

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Jill Robertson

jewelry Appalachia's Daughter produces hand crafted, nature inspired, wearable art pieces, utilizing traditional cutting and soldering techniques to create unique one of a kind accessories.

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Eric Francke

jewelry I make intricate and elaborate jeweled creations to be worn by those with an eclectic eye. Using no heat or glue, I wind wire around wire, showcasing precious gems in silver and gold

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