metal work/ metal sculpture

Dillon Rudder

metal work/ metal sculpture I create Damascus steel then make various cutlery articles out of the steel.

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Michelle Kolb

metal work/ metal sculpture I make metal sculptures by welding together scrap and reject car and bicycle parts as well as garden tools and farm implements. Parts include bike seats, rake tines, chain and mufflers to name a few.

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Anthony Seibel

metal work/ metal sculpture Using Aluminum as my medium and i cut with a plasma torch and create dazzling nautical recreations :) I color most of my artwork with a process called powder coating and use transparent Candy Colors

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Adlai Stein

metal work/ metal sculpture I hand forge iron in traditional methods using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques such as a forge, anvil, hammer and tongs. To create modern products from art to housewares to cutlery.

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Jim & Jo Cook

metal work/ metal sculpture Copper tubing and sheeting, along with brass fittings are formed & soldered to create our pieces. Sprinklers are drilled to create a water pattern. Kinetic sculptures are powered by the wind

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Elizabeth Lemoine

metal work/ metal sculpture All hand made copper originals. Technique; fold forming. (Inspired by Charles Lewton-brain)

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