The Big Four Art Festival in Louisville, Kentucky is the event that art enthusiasts have been waiting for, kicking off the art festival season in style. This unique celebration of creativity, culture, and community offers an immersive artistic experience, featuring local and international talent across diverse art forms. But there’s more to this festival than just exceptional art – it also serves a noble cause. When you purchase your tickets to the Big Four Art Festival, you’re not only securing your place at the heart of Louisville’s thriving art scene, you’re also contributing to a worthwhile charity, Bridge Haven Health. Proceeds from ticket sales will be directed towards supporting their mission of providing mental health services to those in need within our community. Get your tickets now to enjoy an unforgettable festival and make a difference in the lives of many.

Tickets for the event are $5 per adult and will be available at the entrance on the day of the event. Children 12 and under are free to attend the event. Tickets may be purchased by groups of 10 or more in advance. Ticket sales benefit Bridgehaven Mental Health Services. On the day of the event, tickets will only be sold at the entrance of the festival and NO third-party tickets will be accepted. Bridgehaven Mental Health Services wants to THANK YOU for attending and participating in this event.

Group ticket purchase and coordination is available for both Saturday and Sunday of the Big Four Art Festival. Typically, group ticket sales are offered for a minimum group size of 10 or more; however, this minimum size may vary, depending on what you need to coordinate your group attendance. For groups who plan to attend on both Saturday and Sunday, we offer discounted hotel packages. Please see our art festival hotel partners page for detail and a link to our hotel partners and deals.

Quality art in a perfect venue

Featuring 150+ juried artists, international cuisine, children’s activities, and entertainment. The Big Four Arts Festival is a ticketed event supported by artists, vendors, and local sponsorship.

Quality art in a perfect venue, the variety of art Louisville deserves with the added venue of the Ohio River waterfront and the Big Four Bridge pedestrian walk, hotels, restaurants, Whiskey Row nightlife, a family-friendly atmosphere, ample parking and shopping nearby.

Each year, the Big Four™ Arts Festival invites guests to join us on the first weekend in September under the Big Four Bridge to enjoy exceptional art from renowned local, national, and international artists. Nestled in the shaded tree-lined aisles of the festival, you will find nearly 200 artists including many brand-new, never-before-seen emerging artists sponsored and featured by the Big Four Arts Festival. The Big Four Arts Festival, located just under the Big Four Bridge, is a ticketed event on the Saturday and Sunday after Labor Day.

All Ages Hands-on Art Activities

The Big Four Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of creativity that welcomes art enthusiasts of all ages. One of the highlights of the festival is its hands-on art activities, designed to engage participants in the joy of artistic expression.

Rock painting, a timeless and accessible art form, allows attendees to transform ordinary stones into colorful masterpieces, each telling its own unique story.

Paper sculpture, on the other hand, introduces participants to the intricate world of 3D art, where simple sheets are folded, twisted, and shaped into stunning creations.

Clay modeling offers a tactile experience, enabling individuals to mold and shape clay into various forms, from abstract designs to lifelike figures. These activities not only provide a platform for budding artists to showcase their talents but also foster a sense of community and shared creativity among festival-goers.

Pink Llama petting zoo and local farm animal ambassadors

The Big Four Arts Festival, in its commitment to celebrating local culture and heritage, proudly features a local farm exhibit that resonates with attendees of all ages. At the heart of this exhibit are the friendly pink LLamas, which instantly captivate visitors with their unique hue and gentle demeanor. Young farm animals, including alpacas, chickens, cows, and even adorable baby goats, are part of our petting zoo, providing locals, and tourist of all ages a rare glimpse into the wonders of Midwestern farm life and helps to provide socialization experiences for the animal ambassadors too.

By engaging with these Kentucky farm animal ambassadors, children gain a deeper appreciation for agricultural life and the significance of farming in Kentucky’s history. This hands-on experience underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating Kentucky’s rich farming legacy, ensuring that future generations remain connected to their roots.

Live Bluegrass Music Stage

The Big Four Arts Festival boasts a live bluegrass concert stage set against the picturesque backdrop of the Ohio River, offering attendees an immersive musical experience all weekend long.

Nestled under the shade of the trees and bridge, visitors can relish the cool breezes that the river brings, accentuated by the fall foliage over the water. As attendees settle in, the stunning view of the Big Four Bridge stands as a testament to the region’s architectural history, combined with the soulful strains of bluegrass music, paying homage to Kentucky’s rich bluegrass heritage.

Attendees are treated to a wealth of choice in great food options and encouraged to bring along their blankets and foldable chairs, for a comfortable spot to enjoy the music that resonates with a celebration of art, culture, and heritage.

Foods Truck meets Festival Fare

The Big Four Arts Festival is not just a haven for art enthusiasts but also a gastronomic delight for food lovers. Each year, the festival showcases a dynamic lineup of food options, ensuring that the menu remains fresh and exciting. Some past favorites have left an indelible mark on attendees. From international delicacies to fusion dishes, comfort food staples, and Louisville’s local favorites, there’s something to tantalize every palate including many Kentucky Proud treats and products.

We work hard to cater to specific dietary needs. Links to food truck websites are provided on our festival food page, offering detailed ingredient information and menu access.

For those who like to unwind with a drink, a variety of adult beverages are also available to savor while enjoying live bands by the riverside.

In essence, the Big Four Arts Festival is a celebration of art in all its forms, be it visual, musical, or culinary. So, come with an appetite and leave with a heart full of memories. Thanks for joining us!

The Big Four Arts Festival is a ticketed event featuring 150+ juried artists, Live Music, international cuisine, children’s Hands-on Art activities, and petting zoo, As well as Art demonstrations and entertainment.


Kick-off the fall art festival season at the Big Four Arts Festival on the river with food, live music, artisan demos, fun hands-on art, and the pink llama petting zoo. Explore the work of over 150 juried local and national artists on the shady tree-lined waterfront. Meet our local farm animal ambassadors at our family-friendly petting zoo and try your hand at your own work of art in the creative tent. Enjoy some of the best live local bluegrass music and gourmet festival food Louisville has to offer all while watching the river roll by. Presented by B4B & Design Web Louisville in support of Bridge Haven Health.