glass/ glass sculpture

Abby Rice

glass/ glass sculpture A myriad of elements make up our pieces. Head glass, copper foil, copper came, and solder. Willow branches, agates or glass rondels. Plus hours of decorative soldering. Pieces are cleaned and waxed.

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Bev Eaton

glass/ glass sculpture Stained glass overlay using old farmhouse windows, frames or lanterns. Stained glass is hand cut & glued onto existing glass in window and grout is used to fill in the negative space between the glass

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Deborah Hartlage

glass/ glass sculpture I Design and create various stain glass lampshades, sun-catchers and stepping stones. The lampshades are both decorative and functional. The sun-catchers warm the heart, stepping stones the garden.

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Terri Cosner

glass/ glass sculpture We buy scraps of stainglass from companies, we cut the glass, tumble, drill the glass and put all together to make sweet sounding one of a kind windchimes. We use driftwood or glass for the tops.

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