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The Competitive Journey to the Big Four Arts Festival

Artists from every corner of the country eagerly apply to participate in the prestigious Big Four Arts Festival each year. This event, renowned for its celebration of diverse artistic expressions, attracts a multitude of talents across various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, and performance arts. The application process is highly competitive, reflecting the festival’s reputation as a significant platform for artists to showcase their work to a broad audience. Artists vie for the opportunity not only to display their creativity and skill but also to engage with other artists, critics, and art enthusiasts. The Big Four Arts Festival, therefore, serves as a vibrant melting pot of artistic talent, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among artists nationwide.

The Emerging Artist Program

As part of the Big Four Arts Festival Emerging artist program, we assist new talented artists in covering a portion of the festival expenses and fees for the event and to prepare to join their first arts festival. Getting started can be difficult for a new artist, and helping them cover the costs to join their first event can help them launch their career and bring new art and beauty into our community. We thank the many sponsors who helped to support this program. For more details, please see our friends of the festival recognized on our website with a link back, in our recognition print materials, and on the artists’ booth. Be sure to welcome our new emerging artists this year at the festival and show them that Louisville Loves the Arts!


The Big Four Arts Festival is a ticketed event featuring 150+ juried artists, international cuisine, children’s activities, and entertainment. More information will be added as we get closer to the festival, so check back soon! While you wait check out are current and past artists!

The Big Four Art Festival in Louisville, Kentucky is the event that art enthusiasts have been waiting for, kicking off the art festival season in style. This unique celebration of creativity, culture, and community offers an immersive artistic experience, featuring local and international talent across diverse art forms. But there’s more to this festival than just exceptional art – it also serves a noble cause. When you purchase your tickets to the Big Four Art Festival, you’re not only securing your place at the heart of Louisville’s thriving art scene, you’re also contributing to a worthwhile charity, Bridge Haven Health. Proceeds from ticket sales will be directed towards supporting their mission of providing mental health services to those in need within our community. Get your tickets now to enjoy an unforgettable festival and make a difference in the lives of many.