Festival Year

Theresa Webb

woodworking/ wood sclupture We make laser cut/laser etched decorations and coasters.

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Wayne Byerley

woodworking/ wood sclupture My art consist of turning a solid piece of wood or glued together segments into a piece of art on the wood lathe. Another part of my art is the use of resin fused with wood then turned on the lathe.

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Mark Waninger

woodworking/ wood sclupture I mill my own boards or blanks, often from salvaged lumber. My art pieces are shaped free-hand on the lathe, inside and out; then detailed with hand-carvings, applied textures and/or vibrant colors.

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Park Crain

woodworking/ wood sclupture I’m passionate about working with wood- inspired by its natural colors shapes and movement Celebrating the tensions & character in the wood excites me & i look forward to each unique creation.

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Natalie Akerele

woodworking/ wood sclupture I create beautiful, handcrafted wood and resin pieces with Cork, Rosewood, Zebra, Ebony, Bubinga, Koa, Walnut woods and more. Pieces are laser cut, hand assembled, polished/buffed & resin treated.

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Julie Smith

woodworking/ wood sclupture I do laser cut wood pieces. Each piece is hand-stained but the metallics. I make limited of each piece by either color or size. I've done custom or one of a kind wall mandalas. Please consider me.

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Terry Hadley

woodworking/ wood sclupture I design and create items that are functional Art and can be used daily or as a center piece. I use a wood lathe and other woodworking tools to create my Art.

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David Aion

woodworking/ wood sclupture I work with sustainably harvested wood that would otherwise be buried in a landfill. I make cutting boards and turn bowls, platters and hollow forms. Each piece is one of a kind.

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Jessica Paris

woodworking/ wood sclupture I create 3D wood art and decor cut by hand using my scrollsaw. I include handmade frames, handpainted details, & fabrics. My designs are my own and often include pop-culture and vintage references.

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Jen Toledo

watercolor I create a connection between the viewer and the mysterious animal world with my pen, ink, and watercolor pieces. The animal world is mysterious and represents hidden qualities that exist within us.

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THE BIG FOUR ARTS FESTIVAL falls on the weekend after Labor Day every year. Save the Date!

Saturday, September 7, 2024: 10am - 7pm

Sunday, September 8, 2024: 10am - 5pm