mixed media

Mara Rohrer

mixed media I create pieces from unplayable classic rock and soul albums. Items are all hand made from pieces of the albums or covers. Items include bowls; coasters, trays; flowers; plant hangers and ornaments.

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Wayne Gao & Michelle Chang

mixed media Free hand painted designs and own glazes which make vertical and 3D line on slab of clay, firing in high temperature kiln. The artworks are designed both to hang and as furniture in wrought iron stand

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Jennifer Float

mixed media I use layers of hand painted papers, vintage papers and acrylic paint on canvas to create whimsical artwork.

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Terri Eilermann

mixed media Recycled dishes and tile are hand clipped and mounted on wood, resulting in mosaics of intense color, pattern & depth. Old violins and guitars can become a base also, turning the unplayable into art.

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Lianne Alcon

mixed media I paint with acrylic and other materials making it mixed media category on either canvas or wood panel.

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Kara Holbrook

mixed media We will be offering the same medias we offered last year at your event. 3D sculptures, digital art prints and stickers, polymer clay jewelry, metal jewelry, wood and metal working.

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Sheila Fox

mixed media I use various types of mediums and materials, such as flowers, jewelry, cloth, paper, etc. I also use acrylic paints as a base, than place soft pastel on top to give my faces a smooth finish.

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Keri Shinault

mixed media I stain art into raw wood with highly pigmented wood stains and am captivated by what emerges from the grain.

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April Jeffreys

mixed media I use various techniques and mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, gouache and even oils. I stay to 2D works. My subjects are fantasy and realistic, like fairies, animals and beaches. Not abstract.

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david burton

mixed media collage techniques, layering of images,decaupaging ,paints ,iconic toys,fastened with epoxys,screws other into new life art great for kids and young at heart collectors

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