William Nardin

woodworking/ wood sclupture I create band saw boxes using at least two types of wood. The shapes range from fun to organic. The boxes show the beauty of wood & are still functional. All wood used is reclaimed.

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Daniel Johnson

woodworking/ wood sclupture We utilize recycled pallet wood to create completely handmade items. More info can be seen on our facebook page: Johnsons Tailgate Creations

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Bryan Yung

watercolor I create paintings in intricate detail using watercolor, irirdescent watercolor and ink. All paintings are done on shushuan paper or canvas.

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Jen Toledo

watercolor I create a connection between the viewer and the mysterious animal world with my pen, ink, and watercolor pieces. The animal world is mysterious and represents hidden qualities that exist within us.

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Kate Lyons

textile Founded in 2016, Kate and Jonathan Lyons specialize in vinyl-lined travel bags, handbags, totes, and luggage cubes. We machine sew each bag out of quilting cotton, canvas, linen, and oil cloth.

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Aron Kapembeza

stonework/ stone sculpture I use over 12 different hard rocks from Zimbabwe, southern Africa, using hand-complex tools such as Chisel, hammer, Point Punches, chasing hammers, water papers for finishing, & propane for polishing.

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Todd Herzberg

printmaking I am a traditional printmaker who creates one-of-a-kind, hand pulled limited-edition prints. I work primarily in the processes of photolithography, linoleum relief, screenprinting, and animation.

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Madison Zweifel

printmaking I am a traditional printmaker, using hand carved linoleum blocks printed on a variety of papers and textiles.

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Beth Williams

photography My photography of nature using Nikon D850 & Z7-2 cameras & various lenses. I print using my Epson 9800 and Canon Pro-200, on Epson photo paper standard sizes from 5x7" up to 20x24" & matted acid-free;

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THE BIG FOUR ARTS FESTIVAL falls on the weekend after Labor Day every year. Save the Date!

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