Anne Marie Milligan

oil I paint in oils in an Impressionistic style using pigments, walnut oil, brushes, knives, and often I use cold wax for texture and in creating mid-tones. I paint exclusively on canvas.

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Melanie O’Keefe

oil As an oil painter I use traditional methods for a painting. Value study, underpainting and final step of adding color. I use fine oil paints in a limited palette with the linquin medium

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oil I bring the outside in. Sometimes portraying an entire landscape, other times examining and abstracting nature through color and motion. All of my work is created in oil paint on stretched canvas.

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Mark Leonard

oil Most of my work is oil on stretched canvas, although I also work in chalk pastel regularly. Using realism and impressionism, my goal to share my love of the outdoors with my art.

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Don Reed

oil Using a palette knife I strive to eliminate details with blocks of color and allow the viewer to fill in their own details. Rather than painting things, I paint color.

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Veronica Coulston

oil My paintings are mainly oils on canvas in contemporary realism with loose brushwork and some impressionistic elements ranging from portraiture to floral still life and landscapes

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Boz Droca

oil I am representational artist working in the tradition of the great naturalist masters of the 19th century.My favorite technique is oil on canvas.

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Leah Thompson

oil Leah Thompson is a professional artist in Roanoke, VA. specializing in creating colorful and expressive genre oil paintings.

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Tomisha Lovely-Allen

oil Tomisha Lovely-Allen, a self-taught representational realist painter who experiments with conceptual narratives, works with a variety of mediums & subjects, but primarily with oil paints & people.

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