Janvier Ngamije

fiber The weaving process starts with extracted fibers from the sisal plant, the fibers are hung to dry in the sun and dyed to achieve different colors. Sisal fibers are wrapped around sweet grass in a coil

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Greg Wahl

fiber We own an alpaca farm, shear our animals annually and use their fleece to make clothing and accessories. Our end products come from "home grown" fiber.

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Zoe Luvisi

fiber I make modern handmade textile art and accessories. - floral and line art embroidery hoops - macrame accessories: earrings, purses, keychains - macrame decor: plant hangers, wall hangings

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Marianne Warren

fiber I use various fibers to create one of a kind Felted purses, scarves, tassels, wrist cuffs & other wearable art with embroidery, fiber dyeing, &needle felting. I design leather &pearl/gemstone jewelry.

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Kathy Bray

fiber On Lindleyhill handcrafts cotton handbags and accessories. All items are made in my home on my Janomme 6600 using only high quality cottons.

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THE BIG FOUR ARTS FESTIVAL falls on the weekend after Labor Day every year. Save the Date!

Saturday, September 7, 2024: 10am - 7pm

Sunday, September 8, 2024: 10am - 5pm