Mark Scull

acrylic I paint Acrylic Sunsets mainly on 24x36 Canvas and 24x48 Canvas

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Laurel Browning

acrylic My work is textured and layered. I paint with Palette Knives, heavy bodied and fluid acrylics.

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Don Meinders

acrylic Acrylic paint on canvas. Vibrant colors in bold to detailed brushstrokes bringing character and life to the subject.

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acrylic Acrylic on canvas. I may also have a few art books and postcards showcasing my artwork.

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Amy Haggard

acrylic Amy uses bold colors and organic shapes to create abstract acrylic paintings inspired by elements of nature. Amy’s mission as an artist is to create art that evokes playfulness, curiosity and joy.

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Luis Perez Toro

acrylic mix of heavy body and fluid acrylics, applied with brushes, sponges, palette knives and acrylic pouring

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Aaliah Herron

acrylic Each stroke releases emotions from my mental health illnesses. Abstract captures how I view the world. Bricks reflect my great-grandfather with our motto being, "Brick by Brick Our Legacy Lives On."

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Jonah Ballard

acrylic I hand paint with acrylics on a variety of cotton stretch canvas and real wood canvases.

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Aaron Foster

acrylic I use acrylic and ink. I do my outlines with with three different techniques. Either brush paint knife or mop heads.

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