Jen Toledo

watercolor I create a connection between the viewer and the mysterious animal world with my pen, ink, and watercolor pieces. The animal world is mysterious and represents hidden qualities that exist within us.

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Bryan Yung

watercolor I create paintings in intricate detail using watercolor, irirdescent watercolor and ink. All paintings are done on shushuan paper or canvas.

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Betsy Coomer

other catagory Hand-crafted, one of a kind, reworked clothing items. We recycle/reuse all materials that go into our garments. We bring new life to pre-worn threads.

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Daniel Johnson

woodworking/ wood sclupture We utilize recycled pallet wood to create completely handmade items. More info can be seen on our facebook page: Johnsons Tailgate Creations

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Brian McKelvey

pen and ink I create pen and ink hand drawn artwork with an applied watercolor wash on crescent watercolor board. Subject matter is college towns and cities portrayed through their pubs and landmarks.

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William Nardin

woodworking/ wood sclupture I create band saw boxes using at least two types of wood. The shapes range from fun to organic. The boxes show the beauty of wood & are still functional. All wood used is reclaimed.

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Joe Ladendorf

photography I am a digital photographer. I process my raw files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I display archival matted paper prints, some in barnwood frames, and metals/acrylics created from my digital files

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lane schafer

photography I photography with both digital and film. I print my digital images with epson large format printer with fine art paper . The larger framed photos are varnished without glass. I have my own darkroom w

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Joel Lockridge

woodworking/ wood sclupture Gifts and fine writing instruments made from upcycled materials, primarily used bourbon barrels. Other materials include alligator jawbone, 6,000 year old bog oak, acrylic, exotic and domestic woods.

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THE BIG FOUR ARTS FESTIVAL falls on the weekend after Labor Day every year. Save the Date!

Saturday, September 7, 2024: 10am - 7pm

Sunday, September 8, 2024: 10am - 5pm