mixed media


mixed media I paint in layers. I start with water-soluble materials, then add more layers with acrylics, inks, & spray paint, finishing with oils. All along the way, I leave my layers showing from the beginning.

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Douglas Saunders

mixed media Explore themes through textural layers: vintage collage, acrylics, mark making materials. Often applied in an intuitive, gestural, and/or expressive manner against more structured elements.

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anna wise

mixed media I begin with inks, pastels, and arcrylics to create atmosphere, and juxtapose different subjects to create a dreamlike landscape. I then refine in oil paint to add dimension & sophistication.

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Troy Daniel

mixed media I make laser cut wood multi-layer wall art, plaques, journals & sketchbooks. The wood is sanded, stained and sealed before cutting. I use acrylic paint to paint the backgrounds before assembly.

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Kirsten Hellmer

mixed media I combine a laser cutter, paint, stain, wood, and other mediums to create beautiful, long lasting works of art for your home. Each piece is completely unique and handmade by me.

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Kathy Reynolds

mixed media I begin with mark making , collage and acrylic paint to create my background, atmosphere and abstracted subject. I finish everything in oils to add another layer of life.

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