ceramic/ceramic sculpture

Indigo Friedlander

ceramic/ceramic sculpture I use hand building techniques to give my pots a very organic and spontaneous quality with a bit of whimsy. I use a variety of clay bodies and firing processes. My work is inspired by the nature.

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Daniel Evans

ceramic/ceramic sculpture My works are “one-off” wheel thrown and hand-built ceramic objects and pottery all my surfaces are built with multiple layers of custom glaze and slip. I have fun making my work and I think it shows.

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Barbara Cara

ceramic/ceramic sculpture Clay is wheel thrown or hand formed to create functional pottery pieces. I love using different glaze combinations and decorating techniques to create unique pieces to be used and enjoyed daily.

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Timothy Weber

ceramic/ceramic sculpture Primarily creates functional stoneware that is wheel thrown, and has varied surface decoration.

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Jessica Foley

ceramic/ceramic sculpture My ceramics are thrown on the wheel and hand-built. I incorporate a variety of techniques to alter or enhance the pieces, from carvings to underglaze additions.

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Lena Wolek

ceramic/ceramic sculpture Expressed through free-hand drawings of urban and wild life on a surface of ceramics, my wheel-thrown and hand-built clay work is inspired by my Siberian background and contemporary life around me.

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Beth Miranda

ceramic/ceramic sculpture I make fun, functional ceramic pieces that are wheel thrown and hand decorated. I use a variety of techniques and glazes to create unique pieces for everyday use.

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Martha White

ceramic/ceramic sculpture I hand build castles, houses, mushrooms, wizards, gnomes and animals using different clay types. They are fired, glazed and fired again. I use a lot of detail and they are each one of a kind.

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Dan Fowler

ceramic/ceramic sculpture Matchstick Goods produces beautiful ceramic home goods in our studio in North Lexington. We utilize both wheel thrown and hand-built techniques, and all of our glazes are mixed in-house.

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