acrylic I see Myself with a strong connection to the Impressionist School but willing to explore other styles and bring them to my field to bring a serene message and good feeling onto the viewer

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lee burstein

acrylic I create my canvases with acrylics, glass, plaster, chalk, pastels, oil and ceramic dust.

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Nelson Perez

acrylic I'm an acrylic artist who paints on canvas and birch using soft translucent layering to build bright happy fantasies. I call my work illustrative style new contemporary. Glossed protected and wired.

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Darryl Tucker

acrylic Finger Painting is my passion, and I choose that over a paint brush for my personal creations. I love working with acrylic paint and big canvases to create abstract or portrait paintings.

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Emma Puckett

acrylic Blending my Swedish & American heritages I create acrylic pieces in a folk art inspired style. My work is illustrative, detailed, colorful & features sweeping botanical designs and whimsical animals.

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Jonah Ballard

acrylic I hand paint with acrylics on a variety of cotton stretch canvas and real wood canvases.

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Amy Haggard

acrylic Amy uses bold colors and organic shapes to create abstract acrylic paintings inspired by elements of nature. Amy’s mission as an artist is to create art that evokes playfulness, curiosity and joy.

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skeeter aschinger

3d sculpture Unique mixed media figurative sculptures of resin fiberglass clay as well as various natural and found repurposed materials, a play on textures, with acrylic paint and varnish to seal the piece.

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