Letter to Waterfront Development

Letter to Waterfront Development

In compliance with Waterfront Development, we have filed our event information and received approval for The 2020 Big Four Arts Festival. Below is our letter to Waterfront Development with information about this year’s event.

Big Four Arts Festival
September 12 & 13, 2020
Waterfront Park
Louisville, KY.

This letter is to Waterfront Development, requesting permission for The Big Four Arts Festival to return September 12 & 13, 2020. The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival is an outdoor event held on 3 acres. Our entire festival will be fenced off, with two entrances for crowd control. We have a large lawn available next to the rows of vendors. This allows people to spread out and practice social distancing. We are also reducing the number of artists by 50% to allow more space between booths. Aisles will be one way throughout the rows of vendors and we will be implementing chalk marks placed every 6 feet for safety.

As an added precaution, we will be offering masks upon request as guests are entering the festival. We will also be setting up hand sanitation stations, which will be available throughout the festival. We are increasing security, which will be on hand 24/7 during the festival. We will also have EMS on site during all operating hours of the festival.

We believe that the Big Four Arts Festival will be a key factor to increasing Louisville’s tourism commerce and opening the state back up to events. We will be offering a percentage of the proceeds to Bridgehaven Mental Health Services, which will help to provide comprehensive, community-based mental health services to adults living with mental illness. This daytime event will help to promote the a positive image for Louisville, Waterfront Park, and the State of Kentucky. With many other similar events cancelling this year, The Big Four Arts Festival is helping the community with what may be the only event this year for vendors, craftspeople, and artists to sell their goods.

We are open to any additional suggested guidelines and extend an open invitation to you and your office to both this year’s event and all of our future events.

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