Artist Statement: I use mostly scrap and recycled parts to create my metal birds, critters, dogs, and cats. I think my Yardbirds are a great way to contribute to the good of the environment; they are saving rejected metal parts from ending up in a landfill and they do wonders for improving the looks of their owners’ homes or yards! All Yardbirds® and Junkyard® Dogs & Cats are proudly HAND-CRAFTED in KENTUCKY!

Artist Discipline: Metal Sculpture

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Artist Featured Photos and Work

  • Cabinet Knob Fairy Frog Springer

  • Cabinet Knob Frog on Moon with Guitar

  • Cabinet Knob Happy Puppy Parachuting

  • Rocker Arm Hummingbird Springer

  • New Bat

  • Tiny Happy Puppy

  • Cabinet Knob Hemi Bat Springer

  • June Bug the Lab

  • Sugar the Dog

  • Cheeks the Cat

  • Small Horseshoe Crab

  • Small Marble Bumblebee Springer

  • Chubby Nut the Peacock

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