William Kolok

William Kolok

Artist Statement: I have something to say that only I can say.
As a sculptor, I create a relationship between reclaimed materials scavenged over time and natural materials such as wood and stone. Preferring elements with a distinctive spirit, I often use materials such as aged lumber, limestone from old churches, or weather-worn tools. The resulting sculptures speak simplicity, boldness, and subtlety to the viewer, and are the reflection of my artistic talent and life experience combined into the mystery of creating. My work highlights the beauty in binding the aged material and the abstract element.

Artist Discipline: sculpture wood and stone

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

Kolok Sculpture Studio 5th Annual Open House 2020
Friday Nov 6th, Sat Nov 7th, Sun Nov 8th
2901 Veach Rd, Owensboro, KY 42303
Opportunity to talk with sculptor, Kolok; see inner working of studio, shop gallery
I accept paypal.


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Artist Portfolio

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  • Old Circle 2020[1]

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