Whimsy Point

Whimsy Point

Artist Statement: Whimsy Point, established in 2013, is a small workshop in northeastern Kentucky. I make a variety of handcrafted gift items, including magnets, stretch bracelets, hair barrettes, pet beds, and coasters. My line of polymer clay art magnets features transferred prints of my original artwork. The stretch bracelets feature hand-rolled, hand-glazed, paper beads. I've made almost 6,000 paper beads since starting Whimsy Point. Each of our products incorporate unique designs and a have a distinct style.

Artist Discipline: Handmade gift items

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Artist Portfolio

  • Crocheted Country Coasters

    $6.00/set | Approximately 3.5 inches in diameter | Set of 4 | Several colors

    Set of 4 crocheted country coasters.

  • Polymer Clay Art Magnets

    $7 - $7.40 | Polymer Clay Magnets | Various Sizes | Original Artwork

    Whimsy Point's Art Magnets are made from polymer clay and feature a transferred print of original artwork.

  • Paper-Bead Stretch Bracelets

    $1 - $10 Price Range | Various Sizes | Kids & Adults | Singles& Pairs

    Stretch bracelets featuring beads selected from almost 6,000 hand-rolled, hand glazed paper beads. Paper beads are accented with a variety of commercial beads.

Please contact this artist directly to make a purchase. Shop with or Pay Whimsy Point https://www.whimsypoint.com

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