Artist Statement: My art consist of bowl and vessel turning on a lathe. Pieces of wood are cut from a log or burl with a chainsaw. These pieces are then turned on a wood lathe to a desired shape. Whenever possible I like to leave something natural like some bark or voids on these pieces.I also like to do segmented turning. This type of art is designed on a computer program. Then segments are cut from strips of wood and glued together. Then the piece is turned on a lathe. This is the most challenging art I do as some have several thousand pieces in them. I spend a lot of time sanding and preparing the piece for the final finish. My favorite finish is an oil or wax buffed to a satin sheen. This leaves the natural beauty of the wood to show. I also like to make small band saw boxes. These are cut solely on a band saw, sanded and finished. Cedar is my go to wood for these. I do fractal burning on some of these.

Artist Discipline: woodworking/ wood sclupture

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Hardinsburg IN USA

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Artist Portfolio

  • Diamond-Vase1750.00

  • Walnut-Burl-Vase135.00

  • Walnut-Burl-425.00

  • Maple-Southwest225.00

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