The Works on Sinking Creek

The Works on Sinking Creek

Greg was Interested in working with his hands from an early age.
After spending several years doing construction, he decided that he wanted to try something more “Hands on”.
After a few months of tinkering, carving wooden spoons became a hobby. Then as people commented on the beauty of his work and expressed interest in wanting his spoons “The Works on Sinking Creek” was born.
We create unique, hand carved wooden spoons, spatulas and utensils from reclaimed timber.
Each item is hand carved from timber from Simpson County.
Spoon base in cut from wood milled on our farm.
Rough cut with a band saw, the piece is hand carved into the spoon.
Multiple levels on sanding are done, finishing with hand sanding at 220 grit.
Each product is finished with a food safe butcher block oil.
Because each piece is carved based on the character of the wood, no two pieces are alike.
Finished with care to last a life time; with proper care it can be handed down through generations.

Artist Discipline: wood - hand carved utensils

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2020 Big Four Bridge Virtual Arts Festival

Squash and Gobble Virtual Arts Festival

2020 Virtual Tennessee Craft Fair

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  • assorted spoons

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