Suyun Son

Suyun Son

Artist Statement: Art is a way to re-perceive the world. We are programmed to construct our world by functionality, its usefulness. We miss what is beautiful in our rush for what is useful. So I break down the world to its fundamentals - shapes, textures and colors - to respect and express the beauty in the world independent of our needs.

Art is a way of giving attention

Art is a way of giving attention to the world. The expression of what is seen through attention comes through my brush, so it is an expression through the self, but it is not self-expression. I am not merely expressing what I feel but what I see. Expression follows attention.

When I give attention to the world, the world is gracious and reveals itself. The world reveals its beautiful unity of colors, shapes and textures.

The basic units of the visual are colors, shapes and textures. Our mind reconstructs those elements into manageable objects. Human mind is utilitarian. Realism is a utilitarian reconstruction. Capitalism is a dominant reconstruction/frame that reduces the world into objects for usage and discarding. Realism is necessary to an extent, but is a distortion that neglects the beauty of the world.

In my paintings, I try to free the world (flowers, sun, sea) from the utilitarian human construct. I try to express the world in the world’s own simple terms of colors, shapes and textures. There is a profound beauty and mystery in the unity of the elements that make up the world. My painting is a reconstruction that is not realistic so the viewer can learn a new way of seeing/reconstructing the world.

Artist Discipline: Painting

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On September 11, Friday 5:30-8:30pm, I have an opening reception for my art show at Lowber Pilates and Art Gallery. Make reservations at

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