Artist Statement: The Artist’s Story:

Sanchez-Galiano’s talent surfaced in childhood at the early age of 10, suppressed by the education system, her career path took a different turn. Art suddenly resurfaced in the Artist’s life in 2015, at the age of 40.
The Artist began creating small paintings with pastel colors on a notepad, a gift given by her husband who encouraged her to paint. At that point, she began making art as a hobby.
Painting opened the Artist’s eye, discovering a hidden passion that just resurfaced.

Her Vision:

Sanchez-Galiano’s interests both personal and intellectual are without hesitation the search of identity.
The Artist’s intent is to provoke and inspire the viewers to question their “self”, look for their true passion in life and start working towards it.

The Artist’s Technique:

Making bold statements without the use of words, swirling energetic brushstrokes, using intense and expressive tones; the Artist has developed the hallmarks of a fiercely independent style forged through self-education.


Artist Discipline: Painting

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

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