Roy Livingston

Roy Livingston

Artist Statement: My artwork is a synthesis old and new technologies, traditional film x-rays and computer digital imaging.
Serendipity plays a big part of my artistic process. I feel the excitement of uncertainty with every new piece as I step off into an abyss of discovery. I am a passenger on artistic joy ride.

My artwork range is 40% archival prints, 40% Metal prints, 20% Canvas prints. Price range of my work ranges.

Roy's work has been featured in Fast Company, Wired, Beautiful Decay, Cool Hunting, Faith Is Torment and a host of other blogs and websites. He has also been selected as one of the winners in the prestigious Communication Arts 2015 Photography Annual.

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Artist Portfolio

  • X-ray Robot by Roy Livingston

    X-ray art photography of a tin toy robot

  • Argoflex Camera Side View

    X-ray Art Photography of Vintage Argoflex Camera

  • roy-livingston-art-press

  • X-ray Alarm Clock Art Photogrpahy

    X-ray Art Photography of Toy Ray Gun

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