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Artist Statement: Pratibha is an artist and driven by excitement and passion to create something beautiful and unique that brings smiles and joy to the world.

Warli Art (Tribal Art from India) is subject of Pratibha’s paintings. She thinks of herself as a communicator who can share the eternal message of the Warli community – about happiness and harmony between nature and humans – with people from around the world. Her imaginations on canvas bring to life this profound message.

This art form is traditionally created on the walls of the house, but modern artists use canvas to bring this art into our lives. Pratibha has taken this beautiful art form one level up by also painting on candle holders, wine bottles, etc., that help make this art a part of our everyday lives. She uses lots of colors and bright backgrounds to narrate the story in her paintings. Her skills create intricate yet one-of-a-kind pieces every time she holds the brush.

Artist Discipline: Fine Art - Painting

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