Patrick Broughton

Patrick Broughton

Artist Statement: I create abstract art with a focus on gestural abstraction, mark-making, geometry, and color. My work begins with rudimentary shapes or forms. As I explore their properties they often mutate and interact in unexpected ways. Additionally, I find that certain colors seem to resonate with each other. I find it valuable to view multiple finished works together, either actively or unconsciously. Sometimes, just seeing multiple works near each other through my peripheral vision will inspire one or more new works. In this way my discoveries continually compound and combine to yield new ones.

Artist Discipline: Painting

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

I weave a variety of themes into my work, including science and technology, nature, the occult, psychedelia, and wellness. I choose themes that inspire curiosity, presented with a sense of levity. I want to create things people haven’t seen before. In doing this I hope to remind the viewer what it feels like to experience a particular color, texture, or object for the first time. I hope to build a visual world which is strange, playful, intriguing and enduring.

I am based in Cleveland, Ohio

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Artist Featured Photos and Work

  • Spacetime Puncture 8

  • Aerobic Movement 5

  • Tape Recorder

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