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Artist Statement: Paintly Fun offers paint and sip kits for delivery. Each kit includes all the required supplies along with an engaging instructional video. We have a wide variety of paintings and options for: at home or virtual paint parties, family events, birthdays, businesses, or to paint solo in the comfort of your home.

Artist Discipline: Acrylic, Watercolor, and Mixed Media Paint Kits

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

                                   FALL IS IN THE AIR!


To kick off the autumn season in style, we are hosting a LIVE VIRTUAL PAINTING CLASS on October 2nd at 7 PM EST –A Bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Enjoy the class with a glass of wine OR host a paint party in person or virtually. Purchase YOUR kit on our website to register for event!




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Artist Portfolio

  • Autumn Pond Paint & Sip Kit


    We're captivated by the spectacular autumn colors as they reflect off of the blue pond and radiate from multicolor sky. Put down a blanket next to the tree and gaze on the change of the season.

  • Cherry Blossom Fugi Paint & Sip Kit


    Smell the cheerful ancient cherry blossoms framed by the snow-capped Fuji mountains as the backdrop. The beautiful scene provides you with a sense of serenity and peacefulness.

  • Rossy Mountain Peaks Paint & Sip Kit


    Drift down the steam toward the snowy mountain peaks rising in the distance! Imagine the breeze on your face as you glide through the forest around you. Feel the majesty of the scene as you bring this painting to life! Display it for all to see!

  • Crescent Dreams Paint & Sip Kit


    Peaceful...whimsical...stunning.... Is there life on the moon? We think so! Imagine falling asleep under this beautiful crescent moon with it's whimsical partner. The wonderful dreams that you will have!

  • Men of Christmas Paint & Sip Kits


    We love the two main Men of Christmas -- Santa and the Snowman (we all know his name!). Mixed Media kits are so much fun to do! Santa Is Coming and Jolly Snowman will ring in the holiday spirit and maintain it all year long! Paint one Masterpiece now, and the second later! Add these holiday favorites to your home!

  • Snow Owl Paint & Sip Kit


    Snowy owls are as mystical as they are beautiful. This painting captures the energy of mystery and magic perfectly with the swirls of pastel blues and purples as the exotic owl eyes the world below. This work of art is full of texture, color, and is a true masterpiece that brings to life the wonder of the wintry months. Enjoy bringing life to this work of art and display it for all to enjoy!

  • The Angel Mixed Media Kit


    Angels are often resting softly in prayer or gentle scenes, but why can’t angels dance in the delights of the holidays? Celebrating in the snowy scene this angel reminds you that the holidays are a time to celebrate and feel the joy of being around the ones you love. This mixed-media project is the perfect reminder to hang on your walls to remember to embrace the love and joy of the season.

  • Mystical Pumpkin Village Paint & Sip Kit


    Fairy magic brings life to this pumpkin village! Their pumpkin homes, hiding under the willow trees, are enchanting! Enjoy painting this mystical village as autumn magic surrounds you! Display this charmed village into your home as the seasons change!

  • Jolly Snowman Mixed Media Kit


    We all love snowmen and the excitement that they bring to the winter season! This textured mixed-media work of art combines layered pages of printed words, warm wintry colors, and lyrics from everyone’s favorite song about a friendly snowman brought to life. This adorable creation will add warmth to your holiday season!

  • PJ Panda Paint & Sip Kit


    Fun and mischief are what PJ Panda loves the most! He smiles as he swings in the forest trees with his little friends! You will enjoy this painting this cute little guy to display in your home or office! Everyone needs a little fun!

  • Autumn in the Park Paint & Sip Kit


    We believe that the beauty of an autumn afternoon is unmatched. Stroll through the changing leaves of fall to a walking bridge in the woods. Take time to enjoy the leisurely flow of the stream while pausing on the bridge. Enjoy the comfort and gratitude that comes with the change of seasons as you take a step back from the bustle of daily life to enjoy the calm, cool days ahead.

  • Little Zofia Sloth Paint & Sip Kit


    Little Zofia Sloth loves just hanging out in her own personal tree! You can't help smiling when you see her cute little face. Need to hang out for a while? Your favorite friend is waiting! You will enjoy this painting this cute little friend to display in your home or office! Everyone needs a smile!

  • Tree Wonder Paint & Sip Kits


    Wonder is in the air! Trees add such beauty to the world around us! Feel the wonder with these two paintings, Fire and Ice and Fall Canopy! Paint one Masterpiece now, and the second later! Add these stunning pictures to your home!

  • Butterfly Tranquility Paint & Sip Kit

    Butterfly Tranquility Paint & Sip Kit


    This gentle white butterfly rests upon a single blade of grass, admiring the rich moonlit sky full of earth toned texture and gentle colors. The colors are rich and textured as you are pulled into the butterfly's world. The butterfly reminds us all to recognize that life is short, and we should savor precious moments of beauty when we can. Recreate this sense of admiration for the world by painting your own butterfly.

  • Thanksgiving Feast Paint & Sip Kit


    The holidays and their feasts are all about the hard work and bounties we bring to our homes as the colder months grow closer. This fall scene is accented with the textures of swirls and a variety of warm and cool colors. With a wonderful seasonal charm, this painting is perfect to brighten up any autumnal home.

  • Chickadees Paint & Sip Kit


    Two sweet, chilly chickadees huddle for warmth on a barren branch in this unique rustic painting. You can feel the love of the birds as they brave the cold winter weather together -- reminding us how to huddle with our loved ones over the winter season. The cool colors of the wintry day frame the birds and bring warmth to your holiday home.

  • Old Man Winter Paint & Sip Kit


    Old Man Winter ushers winter in with a cold snowy puff! Enjoy walking through the snowy pine trees...shiver as the cold breeze blows! That's "Old Man Winter"! A wonderful winter painting to display in your home or office!

  • Milk and Cookies Paint & Sip Kit


    We all remember this scene from our childhood on Christmas Eve --a plate of milk and cookies loving left for Santa in the glow of your Christmas tree’s twinkling lights. The treats for Santa are guarded by a little toy soldier and a small wooden rocking horse. This is the perfect holiday scene to bring Christmas cheer and fond Christmas memories to your holiday home!

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