Marianne Brown Pottery

Marianne Brown Pottery

Artist Statement: I have been a full time potter for over 23 years. I started Marianne Brown Pottery in Lawrenceburg, KY in a studio I built with my husband behind our house in 1996. Over time my work has evolved into a unique style including extra steps to decorate the pottery I have thrown on the wheel. First, many of the shapes I throw are immediately altered from the round shape. Next, all of my work is decorated with textured patterns applied with stamps that I have made from the same clay. And finally, when glazing my work that makes it food safe, the textured designs have an extra glaze applied to make the designs stand out on each piece.

My booth, usually is set up with 3 tables, each table has 2 of the 6 different glaze combinations that I am currently using. My larger pieces are hung on panels for the customer to see and possibly visualize the work in their personal setting.

My goal is to show and share with the public how some of the most basic materials in nature can be combined, and with time and heat added to it, can be turned into something beautiful.

Artist Discipline: ceramics

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Artist Featured Photos and Work

  • Flower Bowl with Dragonflies

  • Stein mug with Birds in Flight

  • Punch Bowl with the Kentucky Derby

  • Round Mugs with Equine stamped design

  • Mint Julip Cups with Equine stamped Pattern

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