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Maggie Bieda -- MaggieMadeDesigns and MMDArtisanJewelry

Artist Statement: Jewelry designs fabricated by manipulating precious metal wire and wire wrapping while incorporating precious, semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls into unique jewelry designs. In my work, I explore various design elements and techniques that are incorporated into unique jewelry creations. Starting with natural beauties such as precious and semiprecious stones, pearls and precious metals, I assimilate these materials into my jewelry designs. Playing with light and dark and various textures as well as traditional beading, wire wrapping and various metal-smithing techniques, I integrate these elements into organic and asymmetrical pieces of art. I have been selected by a jury to participate in shows around the mid west such as Chicago, Ann Arbor, Asheville, Washington, DC as well as closer to home in Cincinnati and here locally in Louisville at the Big Four Bridge Arts Festival and St. James Court Art Show.

Artist Discipline: jewelry

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Louisville KY USA

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