Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson

Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson

Artist Statement: Artist Statement;
If these photos have a mission, it is to capture the beauty in everyday objects, the simplicity of rarely viewed scenes that are abandoned, Left Behind, lost, and often forgotten. I focus on HDR photography of Rural Americana and everything Left Behind.
It may be a rusted old truck or the dark interior of an abandoned mill. Whatever the location, if I have done my job properly the image will make you wonder about the story behind the photograph. Why was this home abandoned? What happened here? My wish is to have the viewer see the allure in everyday items, whether it is an abandoned library, a forgotten farmstead, or a country church. My technique is primarily High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. High Dynamic Range Photography is an evolving form of art that enables the photographer to capture and display the full range of light that can be realized by the human eye. To me art is a representation of the world we experience and all forms of photography fall within this sphere. I achieve this by taking multiple exposures of the same scene and then I blend the exposures with powerful software to create the final photograph. The final photo has extraordinary detail, clarity, and ‘life’. Many people tell me they “have never seen anything like it” or ask “are these paintings”? Both of these are compliments to me. If I do it correctly, the photo has more light, color, detail, and realism than a traditional photo.

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