Kelly Zachary

Kelly Zachary

Artist Statement: "I am in love with light and color! I started out with stained glass in the traditional way and then fell in love with the art of glass mosaics, especially in how they can transform a simple window into a portal of explosive light throughout my home. Please take a tour of some of my projects and see if you find anything that interests you. I will be happy to make a custom piece of this art for you personally."

Kelly was born and raised in West Texas (Midland), an area of the country full of big skies and infinite views where light can run wild. They moved to Bowling Green, KY in 1987. In 1992 she and her husband Brad, her childhood sweetheart and husband of almost 40 years, made a big change and became missionaries overseas on an exotic island that time forgot, Papua New Guinea. The raw exotic beauty of the culture, flora and fauna, and most of all the people, changed their lives forever. For 10 years they lived there, much the time in the rainforest areas and local coastal villages, living the way people lived, in some instances, thousands of years ago. A very artistic people, their art is featured in many museums and private collections. This simple and basic way of life altered their outlook forever and influenced much of what Kelly puts in her art. Trees, flowers, sunlight, the moon and stars, the ocean and rivers provided endless moments of inspiration. See for yourself.

Artist Discipline: mosaic artist

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Bowling Green, KY 42103

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