JessiKay Henna LLC

JessiKay Henna LLC

Artist Statement: Henna is a plant that stains the skin for 7-10 days. It has been used in multiple cultures over 6000 years. JessiKay makes her paste fresh before every event with all natural ingredients. Henna, sugar, water and lavender essential oil.

During the shut down JessiKay took her original designs and created temporary tattoos that you can apply at home with water. These are hypoallergenic and can be applied at the booth at a self serve station or taken home for future use.

JessiKay has studied the art and history of henna for over 6 years. Her practice has led her to understand a little bit about the many different cultures that have perfected its art. Over the years she has seen how systemic racism has affected the community and is now trying to even the playing field. A percentage of all henna sales is donated to local organizations to help. But in January JessiKay’s hope is to start an intensive henna workshop to teach this art to anyone who would like to learn. In these classes she will teach them how to turn their henna hobby into a respectable business.

Artist Discipline: All Natural Temporary Body Art

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

Henna powder, and premixed cones are always available on my Etsy shop. They include instructions on how to mix the henna and also the after care to get the deepest longest lasting stain possible.

The temporary tattoos are also available on my Etsy shop JessiKay Art Studio

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