Jerry’s Woodturnings Co

Jerry's Woodturnings Co

Artist Statement: Assortment of woodturning and resin art.

Artist Discipline: Wood and resin turning.

Artist Featured Photos and Work

  • Painted Elm vase

  • Russian Olive, Resin and ALuminim

  • Maple, dyed and leafed

  • Cookie Crisps ceareal bowl

  • Purple resin and pinecone

  • Gumball pods and resin

  • Fordite Bowl

  • Resin and Aluminum

  • Dyed Maple Burl bowl

  • Dyed Maple Vase

  • Ash sink

  • Walnut burl bowl

  • Cherry burl bowl

  • Resin and exotic pieces

  • Maple open vase

  • Maple Burl and resin

  • Maple Burl and resin

  • Limbs and resin

  • Maple burl and resin

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