Jeremy Keller

Jeremy Keller

Artist Statement: About the work

Our tiles and vessels are hand made and hand glazed. All work is constructed using cone 6 stoneware clay. The process starts by selecting a leaf or other object to work from. We begin making the tile by rolling the clay into a slab using a slab roller. The clay is then cut to size and the impression of the leaf is then modeled into the clay. Our glaze technique requires more depth than the thickness of most leaves create. Using modeling tools we press the leaf edge deeper into the clay. The shape and texture of the vessels are also formed at this point from the impressions of leaves. We shape the flat leaf into vessel forms. The vessels and tiles are now placed in a drying oven. When the clay is bone dry an initial wash of glaze is applied to the impression to accent the veining of the leaf. The work is then bisque fired in a kiln to cone 04. After the bisque firing the tiles are hand glazed using translucent glazes and fired to cone 6. The copper stems used on some of the leaf vessels are hand forged from recycled copper. The stems are adhered into a socket formed in the clay when it was soft. We custom frame the large wall pieces using reclaimed wood. All work is created by the combined efforts of Mary and Jeremy.

About the artists
Jeremy Keller

I was born and raised in rural Wisconsin where I developed a love and respect for the natural world.
My time growing up was split between my enjoyment of nature and a variety of creative pursuits. I began my formal arts education in Wisconsin at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After two years and
developing a strong design foundation to build upon, I transferred to the Museum School in Boston where I received my BFA. The Museum school is a multidisciplinary school where I had the good fortune to study
everything from photography and printmaking to steel sculpture and papermaking. My work at this time took the form of large-scale multimedia environmental sculpture that explored the relationship between humankind and the natural environment. I continued my exploration of this work in Graduate school at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. After Grad school I began questioning both the practicality and accessibility of such large-scale sculpture. I began to move back to object making, utilizing the skills and language I had developed in my large-scale work. I became fascinated by the work of earlier cultures that created beautiful functional objects that were imbued with symbolism and meaning. I began to feel that it was more meaningful for my work to be a functional part of a home than to be displayed only in museums and art spaces.

Mary Ennis
I was born in the small town of Cherry Creek NY. The natural world has always been an important part of
my life. I have studied primitive skills and natural knowledge both independently and through courses at Tom Browns Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School. I have also taken many other weekend courses with teachers such as Mark Elbroch and Jim Bruchac covering topics such as awareness, tracking, flint knapping, orienteering and edible/medicinal plant knowledge. I enjoy working with many natural materials, but began focusing on clay as a media upon meeting Jeremy. It is very important to me to help remind people of their connection to the natural world.

Artist Discipline: Ceramics

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Jeremy Keller
Medium Ceramics
Category Artist
30790 Township Hwy 241
Lewisville, OH 43754

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