Glory Reflections Photography / Jane Heater

Glory Reflections Photography / Jane Heater

Artist Statement: Hidden beauty in nature is found by focusing on details and looking at objects from different perspectives. By using various lens, from super-macro to telephoto, the intimate details in nature are isolated. Various in-camera techniques; i.e., intentional camera movement, narrow depth of field, and long exposure are also used; the resulting images show the details and/or graphic qualities, such as color, texture, shape, and form. These intimate details, and graphic qualities show nature’s hidden beauty.

The images are then minimally processed to obtain the envisioned images. They are printed on canvas or on archival paper as matted prints.

Artist Discipline: photography

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

Charlevoix Beach 45″ x 30″

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Artist Portfolio

  • Dogwood Branch

  • Rocks & Ferns 45x30-

  • Tree Frog 14x8-

  • Bloodroot 20x30-

  • Road Less Traveled 45x30

  • Road Less Traveled B&W 30x20-

  • Fall Essence

  • Waves 55x22

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