Gail Clark — Bodacious Pens

Gail Clark -- Bodacious Pens

Artist Statement: I make beaded pens with glass beads I create myself. I use Cross pens (all metal pen) as the base pen. The beads are glass lamp work beads that I create myself. I also do customized orders. The pens are refillable with free refills that I provide. I also make stylus, wine stoppers and glass pen holders designed for the pens. Pen prices range from $20 to $45 depending on the beads. To get a better idea of more pens check out my FB page, Bodacious Pens. Website in process.

Artist Discipline: Craft's Vendor

Artist Portfolio

  • C24D2084-498A-4CAE-99D5-C986BD451A4C

    Just a sample of the different beads I curse.

  • B9792F1C-07ED-47C8-BC2D-9700F1767668

  • DE5AE7E7-B79D-4700-AC7B-CD873CFA75C8

    These are RF connectors off of an airplane.

  • 790F7DD5-B1E0-47CB-BAAC-43E0E80FC204

    I love using bright colors.

  • D8472F32-52AB-4C39-BC32-942982035B14

  • D32E8D81-5003-4CD0-8050-44E96D099FC0

    Sample of some of beach pens.

  • 44754873-9DD1-4024-86C6-E20C163CF8EE

    Sample of some more beach pens.

  • 9CCCD5A9-591C-4270-9498-57584D7A5ABB

    Peach and teal awareness pens.

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