Cindy Swan-Eagan

Cindy Swan-Eagan -- ArtsyGoods LLC

Artist Statement: I use metal, semi-precious gemstones, found objects, and vintage text & music to create one of a kind wearable art. I like to use faux-reticulation and metal etching to create texture in my work.

Cindy Swan-Eagan, artist

Texture, pattern, shape, metal, stone, music, text – it’s all fair game in my jewelry. I like to take the material and stretch it to create something new, something different. From using etching to create texture to melting and fusing one metal onto another to distressing vintage music and text, my goal is to create something that makes you say “oh, I didn’t expect that!”

I like to make jewelry that will open conversation from the viewer to the wearer, and allow the wearer to feel like they are expressing a bit of their “inner artsy.” From semi-precious gemstones to vintage sheet music, I like to create new, enticing, “artsy” pieces.

Artist Discipline: jewelry

Artist Business/Gallery Announcements:

Prices of my pieces run from $20 – $200.  I work in sterling silver and other metals, use semi-precious gemstones, along with vintage text and music to create one of a kind, wearable art.  I like to have fun with my pieces, because we all need to smile more!

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