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As the world moves around us, many things are overlooked – rarely do we stop to admire the sky, look through the trees, or stare into the water. In this day and age, life seems to be moving swifter then in years past, and many individuals lack the time to appreciate the nature around them. I can still remember watching an airshow as a child; the fluidity of the planes spiraling motion would often place me into a state of transcendence. The feeling of the wind blowing through my hair and the warmth of the sun kissing my cheek only intensified this feeling. Throughout my life, memories like these have embolden me, strengthen my inner being and even brought life to new ideas.

Just as memories evolve over time, so do the landscapes within them - some landscapes become unrecognizable, maybe the opposite of what we remember in the past. My memories help me to acknowledge this change over time, and enhance my awareness of the world around me. I also believe that at some point in life our memories and dreams from an early age begin to intertwine, blending into one another creating memory illusions. Feeling as though they enter my mind subconsciously, these memory illusions are the driving force of my interior landscape paintings.

Within my work, I push the limits of traditional landscape painting - Some of my paintings are more realistic, while others are more abstracted. My work exhibits my experiences in nature and the artistic interpretations that enter my mind like a vision. I question how the world and our memories would appear if natural forms were manipulated, enlarged, and their color intensified. From a distance, many forms in nature appear ordinary, but up close these forms become thought provoking and mysterious. Through my intuition I use a spiral-like, swirl form, to travel through the space within many of my paintings. This form is a metaphor for myself within my work. A poet named Gaston Bachelard, once said that “A tree is always destined for grandeur, and, in fact, it propagates this destiny by magnifying everything that surround it . . . these trees are magnificent, but even more magnificent is the sublime and moving space between them, as though with their growth it too increased”.

Through my work, I wish to bring my memories and experiences to life by painting an ever-changing world where reality and the surreal coexist through an altered landscape, intensifying, exaggerating, and intimately abstracting forms found in nature. The feeling of transcendence into unknown nature can be quite sublime and my work embellishes this metaphysical state of being where organic forms develop into abnormal fields of curiosity. Just as nature evolves, so do my paintings. The simple touch of a brush to a canvas can change the whole picture and transform the way we think about life. My work not only encourages viewers to question their own environmental reality but to create their own transcendent journey.

Artist Discipline: Oil Painting

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