Bluegrass Brooms

Bluegrass Brooms

Artist Statement: I produce handcrafted brooms employing Shaker and Appalachian techniques using repurposed, recycled or newly created handles of various types with natural and dyed broomcorn.

Artist Discipline: Mixed Media 3-D

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Artist Featured Photos and Work

  • Rainbow Clarinet Brooms

  • Rainbow Tobacco Stick Broom

  • Candy Cane Broom

  • Double Black and Red Broom With Plaiting

  • Appalachian Style on Barnwood Handle

  • Black, Gray, Brown Broom on Antique Tobacco Stick

  • Antique Shovel D-Handle with Appalachian Style Broom

  • Twisted Black, Gray, Brown and Natural Color Broom With Plaiting

  • Red Handle Shaker With Plaiting

  • Don Quixote With Black Broom

  • Horseshoe Whisk Broom

  • Rainbow Turkey Wing Whisk

  • Double Red Broom on Deconstructed Crutch

  • Barnwood With Brown Plaiting

  • Golf Putter Whisk

  • African Fertility Symbol With Black Broom

  • Antique Panel Cutter With Black Broom

  • Pinata Bat With Red Broom

  • Guitar With Red Broom

  • Short Canoe Paddle With Black Broom

  • Antler Whisk Broom

  • Hame With Black Broom

  • Brown Bugle Broom

  • Souvenir Baseball Bat Broom

  • Carved Tree Spirit With Brown Broom

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