Art By Chimel

Art By Chimel

Artist Statement: Hailing from Louisville, KY Chimel Ford is a 31 year old autistic artist who specializes in portraits and pop art. His artwork, often described as vibrant and nostalgic, typically reflects brands and imagery commonly seen in pop culture. Chimel first developed an interest in art and painting while attending high school at Pleasure Ridge Park in Louisville. His talent flourished even more once he joined Zoom Group; an art therapy program founded for adults with developmental disabilities. Capturing the attention and interests of locals, Chimel held his first art show in 2011 at Studio Works. His career has blossomed ever since. Chimel has went on to hold several art shows and has been featured in multiple local media outlets. In 2019 he was chosen to create the award winning Kentucky Derby Festival poster. Chimel is very passionate about his craft and looks forward to creating and sharing his art for many years to come.

Artist Discipline: Mixed media

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