Alann Boatright — Iron Planet Studios

Alann Boatright -- Iron Planet Studios

Artist Statement: Oil paintings that tell stories of our past, present, and future with an unusual delivery mechanism... robots. Vintage retro robots. At first glance the paintings seem to be nothing more than whimsical robots in peculiar situations you wouldn't expect to see a robot in. If you look closer, you will begin to see that there is more more to it than what first appears in your mind's eye. Deeper study will slowly reveal the true meaning through hidden clues and carefully crafted details right before your eyes. And if you ask the artist, a true story teller, he will gladly point out each and every detail, revealing a cleverly hidden story that will surely blow your mind. The paintings appeal to young and old and will bring you and your guests laughs and good times for years. Adding an Alann J to your art collection will change the way you think about art. If you don't believe me, see what happens when your first guest visits your home after hanging one, they always ask about the robot art... and it won't take long 'til you find your inner story teller is alive and well.

Artist Discipline: mixed media

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Pinellas Park FL USA

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Artist Portfolio

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  • Alann Boatright

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