Ain’t It Strange

Ain't It Strange

Artist Statement: Here, we let our freak flag fly. Whether you express yourself with stickers or are looking for that perfect gift for the person who has it all, we've got all your novelties covered. Every design in the shop is illustrated by a weirdo just like you.

Hi, I'm Christina. I'm that weirdo. What started out as a way to stay creative during the quarantine of 2020 turned into a fun gig of interacting with people across the world and sharing my art with them. At the moment, my products include durable, waterproof vinyl stickers which can be placed on laptops, phone cases, cars, water bottles, walls, spaceships, arms, legs, pets*—you name it! I also sell black and white prints of a few of my sketches, acrylic pins and the softest t-shirt you will ever own. Oh, and I offer free shipping on everything. Ev-er-y-thing.

So have a look around and find something that helps you fly your own freak flag. After all, one's misfit is another's hero.

Dare to be strange.

*Please don't put these stickers on your pets. They're very sticky.

Artist Discipline: Graphic Design - Strange Art

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