Terms and Conditions

Big Four Bridge Arts Festival 2017

Big Four Bridge Lawn - Waterfront Park
Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Phone: 502-363-2959
Show Dates: 9/8/17 - 9/10/17
Application Deadline: Jan 1 - May 1, 2017


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)
Application Fee: $25.00
Notice: May 30th - upon notification booth fee is due by June 7
Refund: 100% refund - $40 administration fee if cancelled by July 10, 2017

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary
2017 marks the first annual event for Big Four Arts Festival in Louisville, KY. A supportive, art-loving community, beautiful setting, notable on-site artist amenities and hospitality, and many volunteers make the Big Four Arts Festival a standout event for exhibiting artists and patrons alike. Renowned artist hospitality includes complimentary Gala (AN invitation only event Contact L. Nunnelley for details), Breakfast Buffet for artists, convenient load-in and load-out, parking, 24 hour security, booth sitters, and reduced hotel rates.

General Information
The Big Four Arts Festival debuts in 2017. It will become a signature event that draws both locals and art buying tourists to Downtown Louisville, Kentucky's dynamic downtown. Apply now to be one of 100 artists to exhibit in the inaugural festival.


  • January 1, 2017 - Artist application available on www.ZAPPlication.org and website
  • May 1, 2017 Artist application due by midnight (EST)
  • May 15, 2017 Artist Jury selection (open to the public)
  • May 30, 2017 Notification emailed to accepted, waitlisted, and not invited artists.
  • June 7, 2017 Deadline for invited artist to accept invitation and pay booth fees
  • June 10, 2017 Certain waitlisted artist to accept invitation and pay booth fees
  • July 10, 2017 Deadline to cancel and receive guaranteed 100% refund (less $40 admin. fee)
  • July 11, 2017 Proof of insurance due (artists will not be given their booth number until submitted)
  • August 15 2017 Artist credential packets and booth assignments sent by email
  • August 15, 2017 List of accepted artists posted to Big Four Bridge Arts Festival website
  • Sept 8, 2017 Artist set-up 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (rain or shine - no vehicles allowed on lawn after 4:30 p.m.)
  • Sept 9-10, 2017 1st Annual Big Four Bridge Arts Festival on the Downtown Louisville Waterfront Park Big Four Bridge Lawn


The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival takes place in Downtown Louisville, KY. Exhibitor booths are located along the Big Four Bridge Lawn at Waterfront Park on the Ohio River. Louisville is located in the Ohio River Valley of Kentucky on I-65 about halfway between Indianapolis and Nashville.


  • Saturday, September 10 - 9:00am to 7:00pm (rain or shine)
  • Sunday, September 11 - 9:00am to 5:00pm (rain or shine)
  • Friday, September 8 - 10:00am to 4:00pm - Artist Registration and Setup
  • Friday, September 8 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm - Premiere Gala (rain or shine, AN invitation only event Contact L. Nunnelley for details)
  • Artist Load-Out: Sunday, September 10 (starting NO EARLIER than 5pm)


The Big Four Arts Festival's multi-media advertising campaign markets the festival throughout the Midwest region in print ads, print and digital ads in national travel and leisure publications, and regional radio & television ads. The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival is also marketed through festival brochures, social media, digital advertising, the The Big Four Arts Festival website, and billboards.


- $25
Each application must be accompanied by the $25 Application Fee payment. Applicants will pay by check made payable to The Big Four Arts Festival (mailed to Big Four Bridge Promo #217, 3131 S. 2nd Street, Louisville, KY 40208). Application Fees paid by check must be sent immediately upon completion of the online application. Applications will not be processed until the Application Fee is received.


100 artists will exhibit in the The Big Four Arts Festival 2017 festival. A minimum of 75 artists are selected by jury scoring to participate in the event each year. The remaining spaces are reserved for award winners, the poster artist, and merchandise artist and top-scoring local artists. Local artists are not exempt from jury.

Each exhibiting artist must complete an online application with only one artist per entry, unless entering as a team in collaboration. Artists may apply in more than one medium category, but a separate online application must be filled out for each category. Each application must include a jury fee and its own set of images. Artists applying in more than one medium category may repeat the booth image only.
An artist may be accepted in more than one category. Multiple online applications must represent either work in different media categories or distinctly different work within the media category.

Each year, four jurors and a representative from the The Big Four Arts Festival Board of Directors are selected to jury visual artist applications. The jury consists of a range of experienced art professionals including, but not limited to, professors, gallery owners, museum administrators, and practicing visual artists. Jurors are instructed to score ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE using the following criteria: Artistic Merit, Technical Competence, Overall Quality of Work, and Booth Presentation.

The Big Four Arts Festival uses Zapplication to administer its artist application and jury process. Artist images are reviewed by the jury review panel in a blind jury process. The identities of artists are not disclosed to jurors. The jury panel is convened in the same room, each juror has access to a computer monitor for scoring purposes. The jury review panel views the five (5) submitted images simultaneously, horizontally, grouped by medium category in the order that they were received (date submitted). Artist statements are shared with jurors while images are viewed. Please Note: This is a blind jury process, please do not submit booth images with any identifiable signage.

Failure to follow application requirements may delay your application. Requested changes must be completed by the application deadline in order for the application to be included in the jury review.

Applicants are asked to submit an artist statement of two hundred (200) characters or less to be read aloud by an The Big Four Arts Festival staff member during the jury review. The artist statement should describe materials and technique rather than meaning behind the work or inspiration. Jurors are able to see the statement so please do not personalize the information and be sure to check for spelling errors.
Images are scored from 1 (low) to 7 (high) with no 4. All scores are combined and averaged. Each juror records his/her scores anonymously.

A Wait List will be established by medium category based on jury scores. Images from Accepted and Wait Listed artists will be retained for promotion.

An Emerging Festival Artist must have a solid body of work, completed in the last two years. An Emerging Festival Artist Scholarship applicant, while having a developed and cohesive body of work, should not currently be earning a living as a festival exhibitor. This scholarship should be viewed as an opportunity to start a professional career as a festival exhibitor. Only local applicants, living in Kentucky or Indiana, will be eligible. Emerging Festival Artist applicants should apply only in the Emerging Festival Artist medium category.

Recipients of the Emerging Festival Artist Scholarship will attend a workshop with professional working artists, receive marketing materials, and will be given free booth space and use of display screens during the The Big Four Arts Festival festival. Recipients will also receive a booth image photographed by The Big Four Arts Festival staff.

To apply for the Emerging Festival Artist Scholarship: use our on-site application form and please submit five images of work (no booth image is required for Emerging Festival Artist applicants).

Images must represent your current work, completed within the last two years. Emerging Festival Artist applicants must also submit a resume, short bio and an artist
statement of 300 words or less. Support materials should be emailed to Amy (info@bigfourbridgeartsfestival.com) or mailed to The Big Four Arts Festival, Big Four Bridge Promo #217, 3131 S. 2nd Street, Louisville, KY 40208. Emerging Festival Artist applications and support materials are due on or before June 7, 2017.


To Be Announced - May 15, 2017


Images #1 - 4 must represent the complete range of work that you plan to show. Image #5 must be your booth with your work displayed. Booth images should not identify the artist or company name in the image or image title. Your application will not be considered without a booth image. The booth image shows the jury your body of work, provides dimension and scale, and shows overall continuity and presentation of your current body of work.


Ceramics: Original clay work. No machine made or mass produced work is accepted. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed each piece must be signed.
Digital Art: Any original work for which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using a computer. Work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials. Traditional photographs taken with digital media should apply in the photography category.

Drawing: Original work created using dry media including pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel, or chalk or from the fluid medium of inks and washes applied by pen or brush.

Fiber: Original work of primarily fiber including soft sculpture, batik, or painted fabric intended to be wearable or decorative. No factory produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist, may be exhibited.

Furniture: Decorative or functional furniture.

Glass: Original work in which the primary material is glass. No mass production accepted. Jewelry/Precious: Original work primarily made from materials using 14k gold, sterling silver and the use of precious stones and enamels. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is permitted.

Jewelry/Semi-Precious: Original work primarily made from precious and/or non-precious metals and other materials such as glass, ceramics, paper, fiber, wood, leather, polymer clay, semi-precious stones, etc. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is permitted.

Metalworks: Original functional or sculptural and non jewelry metal work.

Mixed Media (2D): Original 2 dimensional works incorporating more than one material.

Mixed Media (3D): Original 3 dimensional works incorporating more than one material.

Painting (Oil/ Acrylic): Original painted works made with oils or acrylics.

Painting (Watercolor): Original painted works made with paint soluble in water.

Photography: Includes all photographic prints made from the artist's original negative or digital image processing, which have been processed by the artist under his or her direct supervision. Photographers are required to disclose both their creative and printing processes. Work in this media category must be limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials.

Printmaking: Prints hand pulled by artists from traditional methods, including etching, engraving, silkscreen, stone and plate lithography, linoleum block or woodcut, produced in signed and numbered limited editions from an original image created by the artist.

Sculpture: Original non-functional, 3 dimensional work of any material.

Wood: Original works in wood that are hand-tooled, turned, carved, or machine worked.
Emerging Festival Artist: Scholarship program applicants may not apply in any other medium category. Please see the Emerging Festival Artist Scholarship description.

Demonstration Artist



Artists must be present and must personally staff their exhibit space during the entire event. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend the event in place of the artist. Each exhibiting artist must personally check in at registration and present photo identification.

All work exhibited must be original, handcrafted work produced by the artist and may not be the result of work from commercial kits, molds, patterns, or plans. The artist guarantees the accuracy of the description of the work presented and the authenticity of the work as their creation.

An Artist Statement explaining the process and materials used in exhibited works must be posted at the front of the booth by 6:00PM on Friday, September 8th and must remain posted for the duration of the event. The reproduction process must also be disclosed in this statement.

Artists must exhibit work only in the media categories in which they are accepted. For example, all jewelry must have been juried into the jewelry category. The work exhibited must match the quality, category and body of work submitted in the application. Work exhibited that is inconsistent with the application will be removed from the festival.
No animals are allowed on the festival site. Smoking is prohibited within the event site.

Exhibitor agrees to open and close to the public at published festival hours. Any artist closing their booth prior to the end of the festival will not be permitted to return the following day or in subsequent years. Closing times are mandated by the City of Louisville festival permit and must be strictly enforced. Exhibitors who do not show and do not cancel will not be re-invited.

Exhibitor agrees that booth operation shall comply with all City of Louisville Ordinances and Codes applicable to such an operation. Consumption of alcohol by employees, workers and volunteers, etc. and selling of alcohol is strictly prohibited by the City of Louisville. Exhibitor will also follow tax collection laws, which are 6% in the city of Louisville.

Exhibitor shall be responsible for maintaining and supervising all safety precautions in his/her assigned space.


A reproduction is defined as any existing work of art (such as a painting, watercolor, drawing, photograph, etc.) that is copied by digital or photographic means and printed on an offset press, a serigraph press, or through a computer by means of an ink jet or electrostatic printer. This definition includes giclees and reproductions with additional enhancement by the artist.

Limited editions, signed and numbered on the front of each piece, displayed on one wall and/or browse bin only. Reproduction pieces must be clearly marked as a "Reproduction" or "Limited Edition Reproduction" on the front of each piece. Reproductions may not be in the same browse bin as originals. An explanation of the reproduction process should be included in the Artist Statement.
No laser prints or color photocopies will be permitted.

Booth Information


Standard Booth Fee: $325
Double Size/Intersecting Booth Fee: $425

Artists who are selected by the jury panel and who accept the invitation to exhibit, must return the signed Artist Acceptance of Festival Participation Form and Booth Fees to The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival by June 7, 2017. Failure to respond by the deadline will result in revocation of the invitation and immediate invitation of an alternate from the Wait List. Artist Acceptance of Festival Participation Forms will not be processed without inclusion of Booth Fees.

Booth requests can be made on the Artist Acceptance of Festival Participation Form. There are a limited number of corner booths. Booth requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date that both booth fees and the Artist Acceptance of Festival Participation Form are received.

Corner booth fees will be refunded if the number of corner booths reaches capacity.


Exhibitors who do not show and do not cancel will not be re-invited.
Cancellations received prior to 5PM (EST) July 10, 2017 will receive full refund of Booth Fees minus a $40 administration fee. Booth Fees will not be refunded for cancellations received after July 10, 2017.


Each exhibitor will be provided a space measuring (minimum) 12'x12' to house a booth structure with dimensions no larger than l0'xl0'. Please leave 6' between the back of your booth and the curb for storage. Back will have 6-10 ft of space. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing all booth structures, racks, tables, chairs, display units, or other fixtures suitable for outdoor use. Please bring enough weights to secure your tent in the event of strong winds or storms. Please be sure that the image of your booth is representative of the booth quality you would provide at the festival. All work exhibited must be comparable to work shown in booth image.

Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the festival and are not interchangeable. The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival will attempt to honor specific location requests, but can make no guarantees. Corner spaces may be requested, but are assigned solely on the basis of availability and at the discretion of the festival.


I have read the show information and hereby agree to all conditions outlined for the 2017 Big Four Arts Festival. I agree that if I am chosen to participate in the 2017 Big Four Arts Festival, photographs or digital images of me and/or my work may be used by the Big Four Arts Council and/or the Big Four Arts Festival for promotional and/or publicity purposes. I agree to abide by all Festival rules and understand that If I break these or any other rules set forth in Festival documents, that the Big Four Bridge Arts Festival reserves the right to expel me without return of my exhibition fees. I agree that the Big Four Arts Festival is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of my property, or personal injury resulting from participation in the Big Four Arts Festival. In addition, I hereby release and hold harmless the Big Four Arts Festival, the Greater Big Four Arts Council, all event Sponsors and their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any and all liability including, but not limited to, theft, personal injury, strike, public enemy, or act of God and agree to indemnify them for any damage arising from their conduct at the Big Four Arts Festival.

The Big Four Arts Festival will inspect booths onsite to ensure adherence to rules and standards. Individuals selling work that is not their own, or otherwise misrepresenting their product or themselves are not welcome and are requested to refrain from applying.

Exhibitors found not to be in compliance at the very least will be asked to remove the unacceptable items, and risk forfeiture of all rights as an exhibitor. This includes closure of their booth for the rest of the Festival with no refund of fees. The Big Four Bridge Arts Festival reserves the right to remove artists who are not in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth in this application and on the artist’s contract.

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