Artist Testimonial – Debbie & John Wiles

We do about 14 art shows a year; and I can tell you that this was the BEST one we have done in 2017. Our sales were awesome. Your advertising paid off, because the crowd was huge. I loved the lay out – the park is beautiful. You did a wonderful job planning this event.

– Debbie & John Wiles, GourDesigns, Matoon, IL

Artist Testimonial – PAULA HAYNES (Emerging Artist)

I thought the show was great. I was able to meet several artist who have been doing this for a long time and got some pointers. Thank you all for making this a good experience. I will come back next year.

I believe the show was nicely laid out with a great variety of art and the most 2D I have seen in a show this size.

– Paula Haynes

Artist Testimonial – NANCY LAWREY (Emerging Artist)

Hello! I had a pretty good experience at the art festival as an emerging artist, meeting other artists, customers, and volunteers. I appreciated the free water, coffee, breakfast, and the sweet volunteers coming around to ask us if we needed breaks.

– Nancy Lawrey

Artist Testimonial – ROY LIVINGSTON (Emerging Artist)

My spot wasn’t on the main drag, but I could see it from where I was and the main drag seemed to get more traffic. That said, we still got traffic and I sold more than I thought I would, so I’m happy. People who saw my art on Saturday came back on Sunday and bought and they also brought friends with them that bought from me too.  I thought Lou and company did a great job. 

Roy Livingston

Artist Testimonial – ASHLEY MOORE (Emerging Artist)

My booth was on the outer end and it seemed like traffic never stopped.  Always had someone in my booth asking questions about my art. Had several buyers, mostly on the cheaper pieces ($65-125) which was awesome!  I had an amazing experience with this event and hope to do it again next year. 

The location was SPOT ON!  Perfect place for an art fair!

Ashley Murphy

Beyond the Line Studio

Artist Testimonial – RON FOX (Emerging Artist)

We had a great show and sold a ton of product.  Loved that the show staff was so supportive (bringing drinks, giving me a bathroom break before my wife arrived).  Really felt like everyone wanted all the artists to have a great show.

The layout was wonderful.  We had lots of customers in our booth, ranging from looky-loo’s to serious enthusiasts.

We can’t wait until next year and hope the process is as easy as this year!  We sold about 2/3-3/4 of our inventory!

Thanks again!

Ron and Jennifer Fox


Artist Testimonial – PAM STURM

It was well organized and fun for all ages, and the dogs too!

I was surrounded by artists who traveled to a lot of shows every year. They were all concerned about it being a first year show but by the end seemed quite satisfied with the crowds, the organization and their sales.

I would like to thank all the people on the team who created a great weekend on the waterfront and would like to join the Emerging Artist education program for next year.

Thanks again,

Pam Sturm

Artist Testimonial – DOUG BRINK

Booth lay out. Awesome.

The number of food trucks was perfect! No lines.

In the end it was near perfect for us! thanks for all you did


-Doug and David